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What can you include

Any personal clothing, bed linen and towels that can be machine wash and tumble dried.Please keep the bedding, linen and towels in a separate bag as they require different washing cycle.

What you should not include

Clothing or linen not suitable for machine wash or tumble dried.
Clothing that is only recommended for dry-cleaning.
Carpets, Bath Mats, Leather items, Curtains, Suits, Wedding dresses.

We are working with local businesses in your area to supply and launder their workwear. We collect, launder, and deliver it back to your door as often as you need it. As a growing business, there is a lot to organize. Let us reduce time and effort, laundering your own workwear. We have been offering a professional, quality, and customer-focused laundry service for 2 decades.

Laundry service for damaged items
We are careful when it comes to processing items that have existing damage, and if we are worried that cleaning might make it worse, we may return the item uncleaned with a note explaining why. If you’d like us to clean something that is slightly damaged, that is no problem. 

Just pop a note under ‘cleaning instructions’ when you place your order, giving us permission to clean despite the damage.

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