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Dress shirts are essential to a polished outfit. Having a clean and well-pressed shirt sets a tone of care and professionalism. When you take your shirts to Laundry Daddy you can count on our experienced staff to determine the best cleaning method for your dress shirt. Depending on the fabric and care label of your shirt, we will either dry clean or launder your shirt.

We believe our suit cleaning service is the finest in UK. Our suit service starts with special attention to cuffs and collars that are pre-treated, as well as spotting and treating stains where required.

Some of your most loved garments and your work 2-piece/3-piece suits cannot be washed in a machine or by hand due to delicate material or tailoring. They should have a label attached stating that they must be dry cleaned in order to maintain them in excellent condition.Suit Dry Cleaning Service - 2 piece - ZimShoppingMalls