Dry Cleaning Services Clapham

Dry Cleaning Services Clapham

Silk is a natural and strong fiber yet fragile and delicate. The safest way to clean your silk scarf or skirts is by dry cleaning as recommended by UK experts. Washing can be an option for some garments but may cause extreme color loss and wrinkling. Perfume and sun fading are a few problems that may adversely affect the silk. Never wipe a stain or rinse with water for this could cause permanent damage to your garment. 

“We extra care to your silk stuff to help retain its full beauty and elegance”.

Extend the life of your silk garment after cleaning!

The staff at Laundry Daddy can return a silk garment to a “like new” appearance with our procedure of dry-cleaning in Clapham. There is a degree of color loss in all silk so we ensure that we clean all pieces of an outfit to maintain unity. When taking a silk garment to us, be sure to:

  • Take the strained garment immediately.
  • Identify and stains to ensure removal.
  • Point out the sugar stains which yellow with age if not removed.

Environmentally aware and responsible, we use the most advanced equipment and the highest quality cleaning products to achieve long-lasting results for your silk products. i.e skirts, scarves & ties. It’s always better to call in the professional cleaners, and one of the top dry cleaning companies in Clapham, UK we will be able to complete a job to a high standard in a fraction of the time it would take you. So relax and let us take care of the hard work so you don’t have to. For more info, you can also visit us on Facebook.

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