Dry Cleaning Services Norwood

Dry Cleaning Services Norwood

Leather and suede cleaning Norwood

Suede cleaning should only be undertaken by a specialist rather than by yourself doing at home. At Laundry Daddy, we have been successfully treating a variety of skins for many years. We provide a leather, suede, sheepskin, and fur service for a range of items in Norwood, UK. Why not prolong the life of your favorite leather and suede garments by taking advantage of our professional cleaning services.

Dry Cleaning Services Norwood

Some of our cleaning services in Norwood include:

  • Fur jacket cleaning
  • Leather/suede jacket cleaning
  • Handbag cleaning
  • Overcoats/raincoats cleaning
  • Waistcoats cleaning
  • Skirts/silk skirts cleaning
  • Trouser & gloves cleaning

Cleaning service by leading technology

We provide a comprehensive service in one place. We utilize the latest industry recommended practices with a little bit of market-leading technology in our equipment to deliver that new and refresh feeling to your garments.

Our leather dry cleaning service will restore your jackets back to their very best. The service can clean your jackets quickly and efficiently to a high standard, ideal for business people in a hurry. We have built up a great local reputation in Norwood over the last 20 years and the quality of our dry cleaning is one of the reasons for it.

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