Dry Cleaning Services Wandsworth

Dry Cleaning Services Wandsworth

Our dry cleaning service in Wandsworth is all about our attention to detail. All of our operators and cleaners are highly skilled in working with all fabrics and will be able to make the garment look its best. The quality of our home laundry and dry cleaning service is second to none. The ironing and pressing will make your bed sheets or covers beautifully crisp and exceptionally finished. If you have fancy lace or beautiful tablecloths/napkins then no need to get worried. At Laundry Daddy, we have 20 years of experience and will know how to make it look absolutely superb.

Look professional wearing a shirt after dry cleaning!

We provide a professional laundered and hand-pressed shirt service to the highest of standards. Our expert dry cleaners will ensure your work shirts are individually checked, buttons are intact and minor repairs attended to and at no extra cost to you. Customers may choose to have their T-shirts, silk shirts, or tracksuits returned folded on cover bags or presented on a hanger.

Dry Cleaning Services Wandsworth

Shirt dry-cleaning in Wandsworth

We have a dedicated team!

The greatest care and attention to detail is given to pressing each garment to produce an immaculate finish. Expert attention is given to each item, which is re-checked and carefully packed to preserve their impeccable finish.

At Laundry Daddy, our team is fully equipped to provide expert dry cleaning services in Wandsworth. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, our staff receives ongoing training in new techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Our cleaning materials are of the highest quality and designed to give fast, effective, and durable results in the most demanding environment.

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