Questions To Ask Your Dry Cleaner

Dry cleaning your clothes, not only make them look new, but it also increases the life of garments. Well, it’s not easy to trust any dry cleaner for your expensive and branded clothes. There are certain questions which should be asked from your dry cleaner. When you are satisfied with the answer of these questions, then you can trust on your laundry vendor.

Questions To Ask From Dry Cleaning In London:

Pick Up And Drop: Many laundry service providers offer free pick up and drop facility for their customers. It saves the time of customers and is more convenient for the customers. So, first of all, confirm that whether they provide pick up and drop facility. It will be difficult for someone to go to the place of laundry for dropping and picking up their clothes.

Repairs and Broken Buttons: In case any button is broken by the dry cleaner during the cleaning process, it is not your fault. So ask them whether they will change the button? Or in case your garment needs minor repair work, will it be provided at no cost? A trusted laundry service provider does all these at no cost.

Stain Removal Process: The main reason why people avail services of laundry in London is to remove stains of oil, lotion, salad, tea, coffee, juice, etc. These kinds of stains need special care. Professional dry cleaners identify the type of stain and then take suitable action on them to remove. Clothes with similar types of stains are washed together.

Type Of Chemicals: Using harsh chemicals can have a bad impact on the fabric of clothes. So, professional dry cleaners in London use enzyme detergents to clean the garments. The benefit of using the enzyme detergent is that it keeps the fabric gentle and the color is not faded. It also keeps the environment safe as using harsh chemicals has a higher risk of contaminating water and soil.

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