Shirt Tops

Must take your shirts to us!

At Laundry Daddy, we work hard and play hard. But, if you have to work hard in T-shirts or silk blouse, you know how fast dirty laundry piles up. By taking your shirt tops to us, you can make them last longer, look better, and save yourself some time. People love taking their T-shirts, tracksuits, blouse or silk blouse to us for getting our dry cleaning service instead of washing them at home.

Put a glance on our competitive prices for dry cleaning services as follows:

Type Price in Pounds/ Quantity
Shirt – on hanger 2.50
T – shirt or Polos on hanger 2.70
Shirt – folded 3.00
T – shirt or Polos– folder 3.20
Silk shirt (on hanger) 4.50
Blouse 5.00
Tracksuit tops 5.00
Silk blouse 6.00

We use industry-leading processes and machinery to ensure top quality cleaning. With over 20 years of experience, we know what matters. Our service fits the modern world while still focusing on the value of human connections. Our people are committed to providing the highest level of service, with a friendly attitude.